Run for Matthew: Words of Encouragement by YOU

Words of Encouragement by YOU

Matthew has a long road ahead of him.  

We want to help lift the spirits of the McCombs, especially Matthew, in anyway that we can.  Please feel free to leave in the comment section words of encouragement for Matthew, a fun memory you have with him, or just drop a quick hello.  

We know Matthew will love to come back and read often what you have written.      


  1. Seeing as how I'm on here so often I get to be the first to leave you a comment.

    Matthew, you are a wonderful man. I love seeing you serve and try your very best at church. I know you do that where ever you are. It was nice to get to spend time with you over general conference, and your mother speaks nothing but praises for you. I know my husband wishes he was here and is sending all his prayers and love your way! He can't wait to come play video games with you on your big screen!

    We stand behind you as you beat this cancer!
    All our Love,
    Jill Haggerty and Family

  2. Matthew, you are loved by all. Everyone is rooting for you to overcome this obstacle. You are strong, bright, and motivated. You can do this! Always allow your faith to be stronger than your fears. Heavenly Fathers knows you and knows what you are facing. He also knows you are strong enough to stand against it. We are also standing behind you and we will be there to celebrate the victory when you have won the fight!
    Natalie, Mike, Kadence and Trent Jangula

  3. Dear Matthew,
    I've had the pleasure of working with your dad for many, many years...And I can tell you based on the integrity and strength he has shown over those years, as well as your moms ability to fight,that you have been blessed. God gave you a special gift. That gift is strength and perseverance to overcome challenges just like Mom and Dad. You have a loving and devoted family and many friends who care about you. They will play a great part in helping you through this. I know someone personally who was diagnosed with lymphoma at your age and is doing just great. He is now in college and wants to be a Doctor! So stay strong.... I'll be in touch with Dad and see how you're doing. Take care Matthew.
    (Island Rehab)

  4. Matt!!!

    As I know I am and will always be your favorite teacher ;) I would like you to know I am thinking of you everyday and I know your going to pull through this with flying colors! Stay positive, stay strong and don't let anything dull that amazing personality of yours! This is just another test- and you are going to kick its butt!

    <3 Ms. Z

  5. Hey Matt!

    After seeing how you spoke to the incoming TAP students, all I could talk about was how amazing you were. You spoke to those kids on a level not many people can reach. I am praying for you and I know you will come out of this an even stronger young man.

    Ms. Bossert

  6. Matt,
    Our hearts go out to you and your family as you face this challenge. You are so brave and strong, you will get through this just like other times when life tried to bring you down. You didn't let it, you overcame it, and you will again. We Love You!
    Much Love,
    Josh, Olivia & Carrie Doyle

  7. Dear Matt,
    We always know you since you've been a little boy with strong mind & enormous strength. Therefore, we are sure enough that a mere ailment can not deter your courage. Stay strong don't give up & keep faith in yourself then you'll easily fight back this menace.
    We love you & we will keep you always in our prayers.
    Much Love,
    The Saulongs(Alvin,Nenita,Kristina,Karmila & Katrina)

  8. Team Matt!
    We are on your side and know you will beat this! Your a strong, willful, intelligent and Awesome young man. You have conquered so many obstacles and battles, you will prevail. Matty we are here for you always!

    We love you and pray to God for you, because God is loving and he will be by your side.
    Love, Brandon, Rebecca & Steve Hernandez
    Cub Scout Friends

  9. One down Matthew...way to go! We love you and think about all the cruise memories often. See you soon.
    Hugs, The LaBargo's

  10. Matt, you are one of the best people I know. I genuinely can name at least a hundred people that deserve this more that you do, not including myself, even though I'm on that list. You are gonna make it through this and get to Broadway with me bro. "Stay gold Ponyboy."

  11. Hey Matt. I watched your stuff on YouTube and gadzooks, you're a hell of a performer. You've definitely got a bright future in showbiz so get well soon my man!

    A Fan in San Francisco,
    Martin Sargent

  12. When is the run? Please call Marjorie Hack at the Staten Island Advance. 718-981-1234. Thank you.


  14. Matt
    You inspire us all with your courage and your spirit. Since I've moved away, I've thought often of you and your lovely family. I'm a nineteen year breast cancer survivor and I'm going strong...better than ever, in fact. You will have a long and amazing life, Matt. We need you here with us. I'm sending truckloads of positive energy your way.
    Palo Alto, California